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Jeep Safari

Jim Corbett National Park is very famous for open jeep safari. It is the most preferable way to visit the forest. All kind of tourist such as naturalist, wildlife photographers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts are always prefer to enjoy open jeep safari in Corbett National Park. There are three famous zones for day visit jeep safari in Corbett i.e. Jhirna, Bijrani and Durgadevi. Corbett tiger reserve issue morning, evening and full day safari permits for the tourists. Only 30 jeeps are permitted in one time inside one zone. Jeep Safari permit books 30 days before the travel date and maximum 6 persons are allowed inside one jeep.

Safari Timings :

Safari Season Summer Season Winter Season
Morning Safari Time
6:00 Am. To 9:30 Am. 6:30 Am. To 10:00 Am.
Evening Season
2:00 Pm. To 5:30 Pm. 1:30 Pm. To 5:00 Pm.

Jeep Safari Packages

Zone Name Price (per jeep) Max Person Allowed
Rs. 4500/- 6 Persons
Rs. 4500/- 6 Persons
Rs. 4500/- 6 Persons
Rs. 4000/- 6 Persons
Rs. 4500/- 4 Persons

Elephant Safari

The elephant safari is an immense mixture of diverse modes to watch natural world and significantly to attachment through the "lord of the jungle" the major magnetism being traveling the pachyderm for such an extensive epoch of time. The elephant safari is available only for those visitors who have previously booked their night stay permits inside the park for Dhikala or Bijrani Forest Rest houses. This facility is not available at any other rest house inside the Corbett National Park.
Corbett visit without elephant safari means your tour is not complete. Elephant safari in jim corbett national park is the only way to see the wild animals closely and spend more time with them. Alongwith elephant and expert Mahout you can go deep into mysterious forest, rugged trek, scenic valley vast grassland and river. It’s an adventure and scary feeling when you go close to tiger or herd of wild elephant, yes this is real elephant safari in their natural habitat.
There are two timings morning and evening for elephant safari in corbett national park. That is an opportunity to take Corbett Elephant Safari twice a day. One more option is arranged by Corbett Tiger Reserve for hard core wildlife lovers that is long elephant safari. In this excusive elephant safari you have to stay in forest lodges inside the Corbett National Park. It is always recommended to book elephant safari in advance.

Safari Timings :

Safari Season Summer Season Winter Season
Morning Safari Time
6:00 Am. To 8:00 Am. 6:00 Am. To 8:00 Am.
Evening Season
4:00 Am. To 6:00 Am. 4:00 Am. To 6:00 Am.

Elephant Safari Packages

Zone Name Price (Per Elephant) Max Person Allowed
River Side
Rs. 3500/- 4 Persons

Canter Safari

Dhikala Canter safari in Corbett is the best way to explore the Dhikala forest when you are staying outside the Corbett tiger reserve, touring by gypsy is not permitted in Dhikala zone during day time. However you can travel into this area by a canter which takes in 18 passengers and starts off from Ramnagar in the morning and afternoon respectively. Which canter went to Dhikala in the morning time it return to the base in afternoon, similarly afternoon canter comes back to the base in evening. These tours are called as Ramganga conducted tour and permitted by the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
The Dhikala area of Corbett National Park is probably the finest to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. The huge expanse of the grasslands, called "Chaurs" are the attraction of this area of the Park. The meandering Ramganga river adds to the beauty of the landscape and provides the essential water souscre to all wildlife. The reservoir forms a part of the largest man made lake to feed the Hydro electricty project at Kalagarh.

Safari Timings :

Safari Season Summer Season Winter Season
Morning Safari Time
5:30 Am. To 10:30 Am. 6:00 Am. To 11:00 Am.
Evening Season
11:00 Am. To 4:30 Pm. 11:00 Am. To 4:30 Pm.

Canter Safari Packages

Zone Name Price (Per Person) Max Person Allowed
Rs. 1500/- 16 Persons

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